31 December 2017

WoTM - Beyerskloof Pinotage 2004

My Wine of the Month for December 2017 is Beyerskloof’s Pinotage 2004. It’s their basic large volume ‘white label’, but look at the vintage: 2004!

The back label says that it’ll continue to mature for up to 8 years, presumably from its vintage in February 2004, which would take the wine to 2012. This was consumed in December 2017, thirteen years and ten months later, more than 5½ years past its maximum suggested keeping.

This is from the Stellenbosch appellation (more recent vintages are generic Western Cape) and the grapes come from un-irrigated 20-40 year old vines.
Although it bears the name and address of Beyerskloof’s UK distributer, I bought this bottle in the Cape earlier this year from the must-visit Wine Village just outside Hermanus.

Some bottles had been left from one of their tastings hosted by  Beyers Truter and the wine had been stored in Beyerskloof’s cellars. 

The wine had a brownish edge and on first opening offered not much more than a old-aged smell. But with a little air the fruits shone through with that Pinotage sweetness. Perfectly mature, showing how well even Pinotages not made for lengthy aging can and do evolve and age.

Lovely and gentle with barely noticeable tannins, sweet aged fruit and the delicacy of age, this wine was a delight.   


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