19 April 2007

A 1970's Banana Metal Band?

A 1970's rock group -- a heavy metal banana band -- that is what Gary Vaynerchuk of WineLibraryTV.com (pictured right) likened to Kanonkop 2004 Pinotage.

For the first time in his vidcasts, he tasted four bottles of the same wine to experience the differences that opening times and decanting made.

And the wine he chose was the same wine he raved about in yesterdays episode, Kanonkop 2004 Pinotage.

Today he first tasted the bottle he'd opened 24 hours earlier which he has used in the previous tasting. Then he compared two Kanonkop 2004's that he had opened 5 hours previously; one had been decanted while the other had been left in the bottle. The fourth was opened on camera and tasted immediately.

To find out what he discovered, sit back and let Gary's enthusiasm take you away.

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