18 April 2007

Kanonkop - "Polished Pinotage"

Gary Vaynerchuk Gary Vaynerchuk (pictured right) of WineLibraryTV.com isn’t a big Pinotage fan, but he says of Kanonkop Pinotage 2004 "This wine is rocking".

In his 218th on-line video tasting 'vidcast', first shown on 17 April, he features South Africa, with two whites and two reds including the Kanonkop.

Gary says of it "Dark colour. Hint of banana on nose (really cool!) surrounded by amount of rusty old beer cans, rusty nail, rusty aluminium. Nose now getting really outrageous tremendous banana. This is a clean cut, polished Pinotage.

I like this wine, beautiful red cabbage profile, oil & vinegar & olives. Bananas are jumping, (I Iove bananas, structured like Bordeaux, terroir driven, this is essential class Pinotage. Comes from granite soil, you’re getting some of this. Its really polished, but young, need another three years. Now getting dark liquorice flavour, gets olive & smoky on finish.

I highly recommend it, I’m giving it 91 points. If you like extremely well polished and intriguing wines, seek this bottle out.

See Gary nose, taste and enthuse about Kanonkop Pinotage 2004 by clicking on the image below:

The other wines were

  • Black Rock White 2004

  • Tokara Chardonnay 2004

  • Rustenberg John X Merriman 2003 - corked.


  1. Anonymous12:21

    Pitty The Merriman X was corked- as that is a taster!!

  2. Welcome back from R62, WineFly -- I've missed you. Looking forward to lots of new posts now :)