21 April 2007

Pinotage = Pinot Noir x Sancerre?

I can't resist mentioning another vidcast merchant. Vinappris, based in Birmingham, UK, sell wine through their satellite TV channel and simulcast broadcast on their website. (pictured right Managing Director/Presenter Steve Bennett)

Vinappris currently list the following Pinotages - False Bay 2006 (£7) Spier Private Collection 2004 (£15) Keerweder Estate 2003 (£17) and Graham Beck Old Road 2001 (£19).

The shows are professionally put together, cutting between studio presenters tasting and talking about the wines and filmed inserts from vineyards and wineries around the world.

But on their website background country information they state:

"South Africa also holds an international attention seeker, pinotage, the indigenous grape variety to this picturesque country. Found nowhere else on earth it creates some fantastic well balanced reds. Pinotage is a cross between two different grape varieties, moulding and creating the best of both worlds. Pinot Noir and Sancerre, Pinot Noir offers the delicate flavours of red berry’s, strawberry, raspberry, an elegant wine which is beautifully complex. Sancerre offers body and strength and even a little spice. Combined, these two grape varieties move into new territory, creating a world class grape known as pinotage. "

I cannot disagree with their conclusion, but can only repeat what I said here - its time to stop talking about Pinotages parentage -- even when you can get it correct.

(Update on 30 April -- Following the comment by Julian Twaites, Head of Purchasing at Vinappris, to this item, the Vinappris site has been updated and all references to Pinotage parentage has been removed)


  1. I hope you mailed or phoned them Pete.

    Why can't they just say: Pinotage - the iconic South African grape.

  2. Good evening Peter. I read your comments with some embarrasment and hope you will forgive our error.I have no idea how we managed to post Sancerre instead of Cinsult. With you permission i would like to correct the mistake and remove the reference to the grape being a crossing and use the "iconic" reference instead.
    With apologies to the Pinotage club,
    Julian Twaites, Head of Purchasing ,Vinappris.