24 April 2007

Horton Virginia Pinotage

I reported in December (see here) that Horton Vineyards in Virginia USA was going to release a varietal Pinotage in 2007.

I am indebted to Dezel of Virginia Wine Spot for permission to quote from his tasting notes for this wine, and the use of his photo of the bottle.

Dezel says

"The wine is accessible and done in a fruit forward style displaying a brilliant deep ruby color. On the nose are enticing red berry fruit aromas, mild spice and soft cocoa hints. The aromas follow through on the palate with an abundance of upfront fresh red berry fruit flavors, namely raspberry. Well balanced and substantial, 17% of Tannat is added and provides a solid tannic structure that comes across on the taste as velvety. This wine for me is of an easy drinking, fresh fruit style that is thinly framed in soft spicy oak with a medium length finish.

In closing friends, this is a nicely made wine, however not the rustic, bramble berry and smoky characteristics found in quintessential South African Pinotage. Perhaps Pinotage is indeed suited to its native South African terrior to capture its true expressionism. But, lets not be fooled, this Virginia Pinotage is a very good wine that I recommend readers seek out. This is a rare find in Virginia and exemplifies what the grape can do in Virginia’s soil and climate. Try this on its own or with red meat dishes, spicy foods and even traditional barbecue."

Thanks Dezel. I look forward to being able to taste the wine myself.

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  1. Anonymous17:47

    This is a wonderful wine. I just came back from Horton with a bottle and I can't wait to enjoy it with a good meal.