07 January 2009

Guess Who is Growing this Pinotage.

Gourmet blogger Douglas Blyde of Intoxicating Prose posted a comment asking “Please may we have another picture of a vineyard to guess its location?

So here it is.

My question is -- which winery is growing this Pinotage?

Some clues. I have been in New Zealand for the past month or more and this picture was taken on 31 December 2008 in the grounds of a major New Zealand winery which is famous, especially in Britain which is a major importer, for Sauvignon Blanc wines.

If you know anything about NZ wine you’ll recognise the winery name; we’re not talking about some garagiste winery you’ve never heard of.

But the winery does not list a Pinotage varietal among its wines, so you’ll find no help on winery websites. The size of the grapes in the picture may give you a clue as to whether we are on the North or South Island, and that in turn may indicate the region.

It’s a near impossible question, so don’t hold back – have a guess and have a go!



  1. Anonymous21:19

    Uhh ... Cloudy Bay?

  2. Anonymous01:41

    If you hadn't already told me, Peter, I would never be able to guess although another (NZ)Blogger mentioned this winery recently for a particular feature it has.

  3. Anonymous03:00

    Paul, good guess. But not correct, however this winery also has a name taken from a nearby geographical feature ....

  4. Thanks, Peter! -North island?

  5. Anonymous23:13

    Hi Douglas, not North Island. The berry sizes I found on the South Island are about 3-4 weeks behind those growing on the North Island.

    So these vines are on the South Island.

  6. Anonymous20:06

    Oyster Bay?

  7. Good 'un Darry, but not quite there!