24 January 2009

Such is fame ....

The Pinotage Club has been active on the web since 1997, and it comes near the top of any Google for Pinotage, so it was rather surprising to read in wine-writer Eric Asimov's New York Times of 20 January 2009 that I’ve yet to find a hard-core pinotage fan club.

Eric Asimov has just discovered South African wines and he's impressed with the Cabernet Sauvignons, but he thinks that increasingly its producers are focusing on cabernet sauvignon. Err?? Surely red-wise the new focus is Shiraz?

Eric says of the South African wines that their track record is slim. We don’t know yet how these wines will age, thus dismissing 350 years of continuous wine production.

Since he gets so much so wrong, how much reliance can be placed on his opinion of Pinotage as a distinctive wine that is made virtually nowhere else in the world, but almost nobody likes or wants that wine?



  1. Anonymous09:07

    almost nobody wants or likes...........I once was one of them. But have found some rather drinkable Pinotages over the last couple of years. And this weekend I had some Simonsig Red Hill thatw as absolutely superb.

    And the there are off course the coffee Pinotages of Diemersfontein and the KWV which has proved extremely popular

  2. Anonymous18:43

    hmmmm... I think it is all part of the cabernet-merlot conspiracy! :) just kidding.

    I find Pinotage seems to stand up well with powerful culinary choices without overwhelming milder selections... it fits so well.

    For me, a wine and good food are inseparable.


    Roger Freberg

  3. Anonymous16:19

    What a strange series of remarks from Mr. Asimov. Peter, I do hope you contact him to set the record straight. Apart from the New York Times he may be reached through his Face Book page.