16 January 2009

Wither Hills Pinotage

Wither Hills, in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley, is the answer to ‘guess who is growing this Pinotage’.

But they are not making any Pinotage wine. A short row of Pinotage is one of an exhibition at the entrance to Wither Hills intended to demonstrate to vistitors most of the varieties being grown in New Zealand.

It was instructive to me to see how much smaller the berries were than those I had seen just a week before on the North Island. Grape vine flowering here can be a week or more later than in the North.

Today I leave New Zealand from Christchurch on the South Island to fly to Melbourne, Australia to see relatives before heading home via Singapore.

New Zealand has been really enjoyable, the wine is all of excellent quality and my only regret is that they do not make more of Pinotage.
I'd like to thank Sue Courtney of www.wineoftheweek.com for her lovely welcome to New Zealand and all the assistance she has given during my stay in her wonderful country.


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  2. There we have it. There's mileage in this 'guess the location...'