08 February 2017

Pinotage Vinegar

I am indebted to Jon Clements over at PinotageUS.com for the news that a specialist company in Pennsylvania are now producing a Pinotage vinegar.
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Supreme Vinegar LLC in Bensalem, PA  makes niche vinegars  without added sugar, chemicals, or additives  combining old techniques and modern chemistry in order to ensure the quality of the final product.

Reginald Smith, President and founder of Supreme Vinegar LLC told me:

"Right now I use only South African Pinotage wines, buying retail/wholesale by the case until I can see if the market justifies importing bulk amounts.

One case of 750 mL bottles can get me almost 6 cases of 250mL bottles of wine vinegar. I primarily use Nederburg, the most common available here in Pennsylvania, but there are some others I might add to the mix."

He'd be interested to hear of any boxed/bulk Pinotage available in the US.

Jon Clements says

"After contrasting the Pinotage Red Wine Vinegar with the regular Red Wine Vinegar the Pinotage flavors really stood out."

Read Jon's full review in his article here.


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