28 February 2017

WoTM Beyerskloof 2015

My Wine of the Month for February 2017 is Beyerskloof's Pinotage 2015. It's their basic large volume 'white label', and this one was  bulk-shipped and bottled in the UK.
The empty bottle next day

And it was most welcome, served with a take-away pizza on our hotel balcony overlooking the Caribbean. We spent most of this month in Barbados. No restaurant had Pinotage and I didn't se any in the shops. But I had packed this emergency bottle in my suitcase before leaving home with some plastic wine  'glasses' from Poundland.

After a couple of weeks I could resist no longer. The juicy black fruit Pinotage flavours from this most typical Pinotage brought a big smile to my face. The bottle came chilled from the fridge into the 30C warmth of a Barbados evening where it soon reached ideal drinking temperature.  

Beach by Hotel

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