05 May 2007

Pinotage on offer at Nando's

Nandos Wine FestivalBuy two glasses of Stormhoek Pinotage, or any other wine, and get the rest of the bottle free. That is the offer in the current Nando’s Wine Festival which runs until 13 May in the UK.

Nando’s flame-grilled chicken restaurants have spread fast throughout the UK, and since Nando’s originated in South Africa it is not surprising that some South African wines appear on their new wine list, and there are two wines each from
Spier and Stormhoek.

I wonder why, of all the wineries in South Africa, that it is the newcomer Stormhoek that gets on the list? Is their success solely a result of their blogging, as is often claimed?

If blogging is a factor, how come the so few of Stormhoek’s competitors have blogs? And why do those who do have blogs update them so infrequently? Of the Pinotage producing wineries that I have found with official blogs (links on the right menu bar)
Backsberg didn’t post once in April and Warwick haven’t posted since 9 March. Beats me.

Anyway, back to Nando’s. They describe Stormhoek Pinotage as “Alluring – a very deep and sophisticated character with a complex nature”. A 250ml glass of sophistication costs £4.95 and the alluring bottle is £14.95. During the festival Nando’s are also holding wine tastings in the evening.

See you there.

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  1. Hi Peter
    Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support of Pinotage and for your comments re Stormhoek. I think one of the reasons we are on the list is because we share a view of the world that is quite similar - the customer/consumer is no.1 and eating and drinking is all about enjoyment and having a fun and positive experience... We believe in doing things that haven't been done before but more importantly i think both Nandos and ourselves believe 100% in engaging the customer, having fun and living life to the full!
    Catherine Monahan (Orbital/Stormhoek)