24 May 2007

Riedel to make Stormhoek Iced Pinotage glass ?

Stormhoek Pink on the RocksThe blogosphere has been full of posts about Stormhoek's new pink Pinotage that is designed to be served over ice.

I got to taste it at the London International Wine trade show yesterday and again today. Yesterday they served it in the standard small ISO* glasses with a few ice cubes added. And I was not entranced. The London heatwave had defeated the show hall's air-conditioning, and the few cubes of ice that could be squeezed into the small ISO glass couldn't chill a warm wine. The impression I got was a simple sweet pink wine.

I returned to the Stormhoek stand this morning and suggested that an ISO glass was not ideal and it would be better if the wine came from the fridge.

A nearby fridge was raided and a larger glass found (pictured above left) which was loaded with ice and topped with Couture Rose -- Stormhoek's new Pink Pinotage made to be served over ice.

It has an inviting colour -- and chilling removes the overt sweetness I didn't like the previous day -- and the Pinotage variety has enough body to deliver satisfying flavour.

"So why use ISO glasses?" I asked.

"When we launch the wine to the public, we intend to have ready a special glass made just for this wine -- the ISO glass we use here at this trade show is the standard glass supplied for this show."

I couldn't help but notice that almost opposite was the Riedel stand. Riedel are famous for creating glasses designed to get the best from almost any wine that you can name.

I put the question. "Are you working with Riedel to produce a glass for iced Couture Rose?"

My answer was a smile and a discreet 'No comment'.

So please do not pass on that Stormhoek and Riedel are designing a special glass. It is just a baseless rumour. But remember that you heard it here first ;)

*ISO - International Standards Organisation - a wine glass created to be ideal for wine and to standardise wine tastings. The glasses come in several sizes, but the smaller one is most often used in tastings. (Maybe because it keep pourings small??)

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