29 May 2007

WINE to revive Pinotage Champion Competition?

Back in 2004 South Africa's WINE magazine abruptly "did away" with its annual Pinotage Champion competition on the thinking that "the real opportunity for Pinotage was not as an ultra-premium wine for the connoisseur but as an everyday wine for the people" (quotes from WINE Deputy Editor Christian Eedes)

But are WINE now about to revive the competition?

In the latest issue (May 07), it is noticeable that the magazine twice makes a point of stating that the competition was only 'suspended'.

Editor Fiona McDonald, in an editorial entitled 'All is Forgiven', writes "I am excited by Pinotage nowadays - and I know my colleagues are too. In the past six weeks or so the most exciting wines I have tasted have been Pinotage or Pinotage-based in a variety of styles and from a range of producers. From young fresh and fruity wines, to serious wooded ones, fantastically refreshing Rose and also wonderful MCC sparkling wines which is 80% Pinotage."

And Christian Eedes does an about turn when he writes that "Pinotage may still be South Africa's trump card."

Kanonkop 2004 is given 4.5 stars in the tasting while 8 other Pinotages are awarded 4 stars.

From those of us who kept the faith -- welcome back :)

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