31 May 2007

Yammé is Yummy!!

This is the charismatic Jeannie Fletcher who is CEO of Yammé Wine Investments (and Head of Western Cape Association: National African Women’s Alliance), and she is one of South Africa's first black women to produce her own wine label.

Her Yammé wines have a striking label image, based on Jeannie's own distinctive hair style, and a memorable name which means 'My Mother's' in the Setswana language. Jeannie told me that the name My Mother's refers to "the rich soils of Mother Africa that nuture the vineyards."

There are an increasing number of wines using African names most of which I struggle to pronounce and recall, but I have no difficult with Yammé, or as I think of it -- Yummy!

Because Yammé 2005 Pinotage is a yummy of a wine, being really appealing with a soft berry fruit front, sweet, yet not overly jammy body and a soft finish. It is a fresh and very drinkable wine which is sure to be popular with new wine drinkers, as well as those of us who want a reliable easy drinking quaffer.

I think Yammé is a brand we will be seeing a lot of in the future. And I drink to its success!

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